A Great Escape

Hawaii would be nice, but in the meantime, it's amazing what a little alcohol, potluck and a few board games can do

So you need a break but your budget won’t allow it to be shopping, my personal favorite catharsis?  How about a Girl’s Game Night, like an Apple-tini and board game night.  Everyone brings either an appetizer or a dessert and you play board games together.  The host supplies the Apple-tini’s or the coffee/tea/beverages, and you all have a blast letting your hair down and letting it all hang out with your BFFs. 

Board games to try would be Pictionary, Apples-to-Apples (for the Apple-tini theme), Jenga (that would have to be a rum and coke or a West African syrah for me), or try a virtual “great escape” with a cool new game called Locale (you could offer a variety of locale-based mixed drinks like Singapore Slings, Long Island Ice Teas, Blue Hawaii, or White Russian, etc.) 

Or revive an older game tradition and learn how to play Mah-Jongg or Bridge

Let’s try channelling our mothers of the 1950s and 1960s, play some “tricks,” try a new (or Old-Fashioned) cocktail, reconnect with our girlfriends and and play a game of cards or a new board game. 

Sounds like a Great Escape to me.

Looking for other ideas? Check out our Moms Talk discussion (LINK TO DISCUSSION).

Amy March 09, 2011 at 11:15 PM
I love this idea! I love shopping, too, but I have too much 'stuff' and honestly, what I'm looking for isn't for sale at Marshalls or even Nordstrom. (well, maybe Nordstrom shoe dept. but my budget will protest.) Specifically, when looking for friendship, companionship, a girls night out, bonding with the ladies Cathy's ideas are spot on. I think these games sound fun, as does a movie - night. The game-food-drink theme sounds creative & imaginative. And what a great lesson to our daughters, that Moms are more than just laundry-dishes-homework assistants! We have our own lives, too.
Stephanie March 11, 2011 at 12:07 AM
Amy you are so right..we're alot more!! Apple-tini's anyone..Pick a night and ring me up!!!


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