Middletown Community Social Support Group

The deeper the roots the stronger the Community
The deeper the roots the stronger the Community
Peace and Blessings Neighbors:

Do YOU or SOMEONE you know suffer from Munchhausen syndrome, mental illness, emotional instability, an invisible physical illness like M.S. or Fybromyalgia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, acute stress disorder, adjustment disorders, substance abuse, drug addiction, borderline personality disorder, asperger's disorder, conduct disorder, delusional disorder, dissociative fugue, female sexual arousal disorder, major depressive disorder, pain disorders, panic disorder, pica, retts disorder, pyromania, schizophrenia, Trichotillomania, sexual addiction, a rare disorder .......... ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Are you interested in attending a Social Community Support Group to discuss these disorders/problems with others who share the same disorders/problems as you do?

People who may have a different disorder/problem but experience, similar symptoms and may have great advice to offer?

Do you feel you are the only one who has a particular/rare disorder/problem that no one else can begin to understand?

Do you feel no one understands your state of mind and or frustrations?

Do you feel isolated, neglected, sad, disappointed, inadequate, trapped, helpless, defeated, bitter, confused, lonely, uncomfortable, anxious, afraid, miserable, weepy, insecure etc.?

Are you tired of being "labeled"?

Are you tired of seeing "commercials on T.V. that have a pill for everything?"

Would you like to try a different approach, a more HOLISTIC/NATURAL approach
but don't know where to start?

I invite you to join me by doing something about it, TOGETHER !!!

Lets create, develop, construct, establish, set up, start a Social Community Support Group. Lets create, develop, construct, establish, set up a safe place to discuss our disorders, problems, concerns, worries, disappointments, frustrations, FEELINGS, THOUGHTS & problems together. Lets create a HEALTHY and SAFE environment for our Community, a place of refuge.

This specific, creative, unique Social Community Support Group will be held in Middletown. The Support Group will be CONFIDENTIAL and each member will have to sign a CONFIDENTIALITY agreement. Hopefully this will assure a safe environment to share with others. We have an obligation towards ourselves, each other, our families and ESPECIALLY OUR CHILDREN. We do not want to pass on a vicious cycle, however we do want to create and raise HEALTHIER children. We want to give them what we were denied. (at least I know I do)

Some say, "It takes a VILLAGE to raise a child". Some of us did not have a village of people caring for us. We did not receive the LOVING care, attention, comfort, guidance & support needed as a Child. We did not have positive role models. We were not given the tools & directions needed to weave a healthy path through life. Here we are, all grown up. We are told, "once you reach a certain age, you are responsible for your feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions . That there is no excuse for your behaviors, what ever they may be, no matter how misunderstood you are & no matter what stigmas exist. "

So I say: " Let's do something about it, it's never too late to seek love & support. You are never too old to seek the TOOLS, DIRECTIONS and LOVE you need, want and deserve once you have realized there is an issue!" GOD is merciful and forgiving, we should be too.

Let's create, organize & build a Social Community Support group
Let's seek knowledge, share with one other, learn from one another,
love one another and HEAL together !!!

By: Umm Junaid Nur Moebius
M.M.A.A. ~ Muslim Mother's Against Abuse
please contact me if your interested @


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